Them and You

The defining moment when you become them

People who were less fortunate with people

People who tried hard to keep their smiles up

People who cried into their pillows at night

People who counted their friends

People who celebrated small things


The defining moment when you become them

A stab in your heart to realize you had crossed over

Tears that can spill no more

Wounds that dry up to be dug again

The moment when you wish you became them

People who took love for granted

People who took life for granted

People who lived their days without a care

The difference is all but in a strong desire

A desire to be not beaten down

The thought is all that makes a difference

A difference between them and you

To be you and only you

To hang on to the last shred of everything until in sight

And live like you own everything including that shred

That very strength in thought draws up the veil of difference

That very thought digs the line deeper of separation

The moment when you no longer become them

The moment where you stand by your own and you are you…

Dancing in the rain

As the wind blows and the rain sloshes

As the trees sway in tandem with the gust of the storm

The fading Sun all but a last ray

Sticks and leaves attempting to hang on to the banks of the gushing water on the street

Where am I and what am I searching for?

Is this a dream or my imagination?

A pause in reality …

And then you feel the rain drops on your face…

Every drop a caress if experienced that way

Our life, our state all is but only a perception is a thought that stays..

All but true…here now and gone if you try to touch that bubble…


A writer’s Dilemma

To write about despair is but not so cool

To write about oneself sounds vain

To write about people around you sounds judgmental

To write about the higher self is seen as religious

To write about the society and it’s politics sounds opinionated

What does one really write about?

A writer’s dilemma is but so real…

Colors That Fade

A rainbow of every shade

Some dark and some light

I saw them weave in between the clouds

Clouds of gloom and despair

The rainbow single and even double at times

cris-cross and arching up towards the heavens

They stayed for hours at no end

Making me believe this was it and I had found my paradise

Took a dark cloud or two to make them vanish

Realization all over again that all is but temporary

Rainbows are created to wow you

Else they would but be plain white light

Back to searching for that rainbow while it lasts…


Those fleeting thoughts

Fleeting thoughts

that come as strangers and leave as friends

or should they have come as friends and left as strangers?

Thoughts of the real and the unreal

Friends for friends and strangers for real

A line of the real and the unreal where strangers are friends

and friends merge into strangeness

Fleeting thoughts

People who live for the others

and people who others live for

A line of the real and the unreal where people live to live

Fleeting thoughts

A strange life full of strangers

And a life of love of life and life full of love

A line of the real and the unreal where love and life together are but strange

Strangers, strangeness and people are all but one

And this life is for all but one to live and love…

The climb

Every moment spent to climb

Every opportunity seized to climb

Every relationship leveraged to climb

Every skill used to climb

Every pain endured to climb

Every cell burnt with ambition to climb

Atop the climb it dawns

The truth…of the climb

It was to climb the climb…the very purpose

The top was but an illusion…


Always A Dream?

A dizzy moment where the head spins with all the running

Just when I raise my head to squint my eyes at the sun peeking through the sky high redwood trees

Just when I think I have the colors of life woven around me

Just when I think I have heard the softest whispers

Just when I think I have the coolest breeze on my cheeks

Just when I think I have all the laughter tightly shut in my fist

Just when I think I’m the only reflection in your eyes

I but realize that I’ve only begun chasing a dream all over again…and the fist is indeed empty…